V&A Technology

RDUSA’s proprietary visual and analytic tool

RDUSA has pioneered a cutting-edge platform that integrates visualization, analytics, and the latest urban design metrics, to optimize transformative suburban downtown redevelopment projects that set a new standard for sustainable design while adjusting to the New Norm.

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The V&A Tool integrates authoritative digital twin architectural models with comprehensive data analytics, generating real-time scenarios that enable stakeholders to compare “what is” with “what could be.” Utilizing best available research and baseline information in demographics, quality of life metrics, environmental sustainability and financial Returns on Investment, the V&A Tool will facilitate, customize, and expedite the development of Urban Nodes in Suburbia.

Real-Time Analytics to assess economic, social and environmental impacts and value-adds

“RDUSA’s pioneering of its proprietary V&A Tool positions us to be at the  vanguard of this transformation towards 21st Century Smart Cities that is sure to be influenced by our Disruptive Technology.”

Donald Monti, CEO & Chairman, Renaissance Downtowns USA