“After 30+ years of a successful real estate development career, I woke up one morning with an epiphany which led me to the formation Renaissance Downtowns and Renaissance Downtowns USA. I am totally committed to the principals of socially, environmentally and economically responsible development. Working collaboratively, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.”

Donald Monti

CEO, Renaissance Downtowns USA

“Southern California has the resources to buildout the transit of the future, now it needs to implement transit-oriented development around the stations, less than 5% of the region’s land.”

Chris Leinberger

Professor, George Washington University & Brookings Institution

“Renaissance Downtowns innovative approach to zoning was instrumental in helping the city of New Rochelle create a business friendly as of right development zone of over 11 M square feet of development.”

Luiz Aragon

Commissioner of Development, City of New Rochelle, NY

“The Crowdsourced Placemaking community outreach program that Renaissance has implemented on our recent approval for our Downtown redevelopment strategy has been an enormous success in galvanizing the community for economic redevelopment.”

Kyle Collins, AICP

Town Planning/Development Administrator, Southampton, NY