We are seeking partners with shared values, to build communities of higher consciousness – one place, one person at a time.

At RDUSA we are committed to co-creating epic, soulful places that embody creativity, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, community and hope. As an impact real estate company focused on resilient and equitable development with a commitment to social, economic, and environmental sustainability, our approach has successfully laid the groundwork for over $10 billion in community revitalization development opportunities while responsibly reaching out and engaging with over 200,000 residents. To envision what this collaborative process looks and feels like please review the resources shown on this page that reflect our values.

We believe in:

  • the compassion behind the 9 Principles of Ethical Redevelopment, Equitable Development & Restorative Practice
  • the legitimate community participation of Crowdsourced Placemaking & Tactical Urbanism
  • the comprehensive collaboration of Collective Impact
  • the principals of Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD) reflected in LOCUS
  • the community of vital public spaces catalyzed by Project for Public Spaces
  • the life-changing job training of the National Center for Arts & Technology
  • the harmony of The Well-Tempered City; the heart and soul of Jane Jacobs
  • the collective flow state with Stealing Fire; the innovation of Burning Man
  • the prioritization of local businesses and economies at BALLE; the forward thinking approach of Innovation Districts
  • the walkable placemaking principles of Smart Growth America & the Charter of the New Urbanism
  • the green standards of LEED & Green Communities
If you share in realizing this vision of co-creating communities of resilience, one neighborhood, one building, one person at a time…