At RDUSA we believe that it often takes
Respectful Disruption to bring about Positive Change


Renaissance Downtowns USA

National Team

Donald Monti

President & CEO


In 2008, Donald Monti had an epiphany to create a triple-bottom-line development model based on social, environmental and economic responsibility. This vision resulted in the creation of Renaissance Downtowns LLC  an east-coast based company committed to social impact investment. In an effort to amplify Don’s vision in January 2018, Don created Renaissance Downtowns USA bringing with him the same set of core values that he so deeply believes in. As a self-proclaimed recovered developer, Don promises that he will never return back to the development days of ‘Suburban Sprawl’. He brings over 30 years of diverse experience covering all aspects of the real estate spectrum with the company’s only focus now centered around Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD). This development approach hinges on the commitment for Social Returns on Investment (SROI).

Don has also been a keynote speaker and/or panelist at a number of regional and national conferences, including ULI, TOD Council, TOD Institute, LOCUS, CNU, APA, RailVolution, Real Estate Investors Summit, California Downtown Association, Wharton Real Estate Summit on the NY Stock Exchange, Southern Califorinia Association of Governments, Smart Growth America, United Nations World Energy and Water Forum, New Partners for Smart Growth, Vision Long Island, amongst others. His continued mission and vision can be seen and heard throughout the country in his quest to protect an endangered species known as the disappearing middle-class,  through his unwavering commitment for attainable housing while honoring our most precious commodity, the environment.

Ernesto Hidalgo

EVP Planning & Development


Michele Martinez

Director of Strategic Development & Government Affairs


Silvia Carter Solorzano

Director of Research & Administration


Robert Fonti

Director of Investor Relations


Luiz Mendez

Director of Social Equity & Community Outreach


Neil Takemoto

Crowdsourced Placemaking Consultant


James Johnston

New Business Development Consultant


David Grannis

Transportation Strategist at point C, LLC


Michael Fusco

Director of Technology Management


Lia Dallaris

Executive Assistant